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We teach very poor mothers how to read and write in their local language, we teach them English (necessary in South Asia for economic advancement) and teach them math. We also teach them life skills such as health, nutrition, child care and conflict resolution.

The mothers, many of whom have never before even held a pencil, attend school every day for 2 hours. Teachers, recruited from nearby neighbourhoods, use accelerated learning methods (using songs, drama, games).

Neighbourhood houses (rooms) are used as schools. The mothers are then trained to become teachers of their own and neighbourhood children, developing some of the learning materials themselves for use with the children.

The small schoolrooms, when not being used for mothers’ classes, are used by the women to come to discuss issues of importance, as determined by the women, and as a place for cottage industry work to increase family income.

Working from the centre of the family out using accelerated learning methods (songs, pictures, drama) is a highly effective approach. Mothers come to understand and value education – learn how to create a positive learning environment for children, and they come to make better decisions in many areas for the family. Several mothers have reported that they can now make better sense of their world and have become more highly valued within their own homes and in the community.

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