Adopt a Mother

For just $43/ month, you can change the course of 6 lives in the slums of Bangladesh through our Adopt a Mother program. Your tax deductible contribution will pay for not only her education for a year, but also the education of the 5 neighbourhood children she teaches.

Aklima, pictured on the left, was entirely illiterate. Aklima says, “I love teaching my 5 neighborhood children through games and activities and with happiness. Now I am getting respect from my husband and other family members. I also got a job working in a clothes shop as salesclerk. I feel very proud.”

To make one annual payment of $500, please click the Adopt button below

Aklima teaching the 5 neighbourhood children, at her Amarok school and working as clerk.

Meet Sadhona

A mother of one of our schools reports after two months attendance.

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