Adopt a Mother

An annual donation of $1,000 (just $84/ month before charitable tax deductions) allows you to have a profound impact on
A mother.
• The 5 children she teaches, most of whom in turn teach their playmates and siblings.
Other women in the neighbourhood who learn from her about childcare, child development, nutrition, safety, health and the importance of education.
Her husband and household relatives who change their child-rearing practices from one of expecting obedient, silent children to one where they interact through conversations and playing games with the children in the house.
The neighbourhood where she lives, where she educates others about the damage of early marriage and dowries.

Aklima, pictured on the left, was entirely illiterate. Aklima says, “I love teaching my 5 neighborhood children through games and activities and with happiness. Now I am getting respect from my husband and other family members. I also got a job working in a clothes shop as salesclerk. I feel very proud.”

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Aklima teaching the 5 neighbourhood children, at her Amarok school and working as clerk.

Meet Sadhona

A mother of one of our schools reports after two months attendance.

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