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Finding a path to peace with the Muslim world (and accommodating the advancement of women and girls within it) is one of the most pressing issues of our age. Every day, Amarok Society works on the very front lines of this critical matter, and can bring special insights and perspective to your school’s students.

As a country, Bangladesh is most often ignored or overlooked by media, but is a fascinating land in its own right. Amarok Society would be happy to help Canadian teachers to tell their students about:

• its transformation from East Bengal to East Pakistan;
• how the Bangla Language Movement sparked the Liberation War;
• George Harrison’s role in bringing Bangladesh to the world’s attention;
• what life is like there now for children or youth their age, for families – the challenges and struggles and the success stories.
• its struggle to remain a moderate Muslim nation in a world of increasing polarization.

Bangladesh is full of interesting facts. For instance, did you know that Bangladesh has the highest population density in the world? If every person in the world moved to the US, it would still be less densely populated than Bangladesh. With a landmass 1/6th the size of Alberta or of British Columbia, and with many areas regularly flooded (it’s the world’s biggest delta), the population of 150 million makes for crowded living. It’s also the country most seriously threatened by the possible effects of global warming.

Amarok Society invites you to learn something new about Bangladesh by involving your class, school and the school community in our ‘Children Adopting Mothers’ projects. Your involvement will help to change lives of acutely poor families by helping us to teach mothers to become neighbourhood teachers who in turn provide education to thousands of children.

Contact us for more information for your school/class.

For teachers wanting to find out more about life in Bangladesh for the very poor women in the slums, we have a best-selling, highly engaging book of true short stories, South Asian Adventures with the Active Poor (100% of profits go to Amarok Society). You can order it at: Tangent Books This book is also appropriate for students in grades 6 and up.

Our School Presentations

Grace and Gabriel Munro,
daughter and son of the founders of Amarok Society, have been teaching mothers in AS slum schools since they were 13 and 16, respectively. Their presentations about their work and experiences have fascinated, delighted and inspired school audiences across Canada.
When possible, they’re joined in their presentations by their younger brother, Alastair, who’s been involved in the family business since he was 6.
Contact us to arrange for a presentation at your school.

Below is an episode of Grace & Gabriel’s series of webcasts from Dhaka:

Below, Grace & Gabriel perform Gabriel’s song ‘Abacus City’ at the TAN Cafe in Toronto:

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