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Amarok Society defeats ignorance

with the most powerful force known to man:


Amarok Society brings a revolutionary solution to a chronic humanitarian problem.

What do you do in lands where there is no money to build schools for millions of uneducated children?
How do you reach into the hearts of destitute communities to inspire lasting change in a way that’s sustainable and cost-effective? How do you counteract primitive extremism where fundamentalist fanatics have enjoyed free reign?

Amarok Society effects miraculous changes in the lives of thousands of children through our unusual and daring design for educating the dwellers of desperately poor slums.

We empower mothers.

Amarok Society teaches uneducated mothers how to read and write, and then teaches the mothers to be neighbourhood teachers – educating their own and their neighbours’ children every day in their homes, with astonishing result.

There are over 70,000,000 children in the world who are too poor to go to school. Thinking people will recognize this as a world problem, not a third world problem. Conventional approaches are not working for these ‘bottom hundred million children’ – new approaches are needed. We harness the power of mothers to effect lasting improvement in some of the poorest slums in the world, in three of the most troubled, violent and dangerous countries in the world: Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nigeria.

The Only Path to Peace…

The failure of humanity to educate all its children is our greatest sin of omission. One of the many, many penalties we pay for this sin is the rise of extremist violence and warfare, which is often cited as the most pressing challenge of our age. Responding to this with violence and warfare has been a hideous exercise in futility, and has invariably made matters yet worse. Education is the only means available to us by which we may defeat the objectives of extremists.

Gem Munro: “If we really mean to create peace in the world, we must stop rattling sabres and start ringing school bells.”

Amarok Society is more than just an international charity: it’s actually an international coalition of devoted supporters and courageous women who, everyday, defy the immediate threats of prejudice, intolerance and extremism in order to learn and then teach the children of their communities, and, subsequently, deny extremists the unreasoning support and blind obedience absolutely necessary to their success.

The bravest women you’ve never known, battling ignorance behind enemy lines…

We would love to bring you inside the lives of the heroic mothers with whom we work, but it’s obvious a website is not the way to do it. Of course, we’re in the habit of coming up with more effective alternatives…. So, if you’re looking for an engaging, humourous book that will transport your heart into a strange land, we recommend you buy our book of true stories set in these slums. ALL (and we do mean 100%) profits from book sales go toward Amarok Society – allowing more mothers to join our schools to bring education to more children.

Our Mothers of Intention on Video

Sonia, a student at an Amarok Society Women’s School, introduces herself:

“My name is Sonia. My husband’s name is Barbas. I am a housewife. I have one daughter. I come here to learn something. I teach a neighbour’s daughter. I want to [make teaching] my job. I am here for one year. Now I can read and write [English, Bangla and arithmetic].”

(There are more videos of mothers and schools throughout our website, but also on the ‘Videos’ page in the menu under ‘What We Do’ in the banner above.)

Our mission is to teach mothers to teach families.

If you teach a mother, you teach a family.

If you teach five mothers, you teach a neighbourhood.

We go where no one else goes to do what no one else does. We harness and enhance the power of motherhood to the benefit of all humanity. As one mother, a labourer at construction sites, says, “I can’t afford to send my children to school. My teaching them is the solution to their future.”

Your Free Sign Up Helps A Child

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You can sign up for free membership to Amarok Society simply by emailing us at amaroksociety.org@gmail.com with the subject, “I want to help.”

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