South Asian Adventures

The bestselling book, South Asian Adventures with the Active Poor, by Gem Munro, is an amazing collection of true short stories about some extraordinary women and men in the slums of Bangladesh and how Amarok Society started in Bangladesh.

Climb up into Wahid’s bicycle-rickshaw, and ready yourself for the ride of your life – or, rather, of Munni’s life, or Rohima’s, or Amena’s. Take a rare journey into the real slums of South Asia, into the secret heart of what may be the world’s least known, least cosmopolitan, most surreal major city, and into the hearts of its poorest inhabitants, where struggles for survival, love and dignity don’t lead to game shows, but may lead, perhaps with destiny’s intervention, into one of a unique system of schools established by a Canadian family of mother, father and four children who had the double misfortune of seeing the suffering of the extremely poor at close range and designing a program in answer that was too successful to stop.

If you don’t find your tour through these stories of discovery, despair, hope and heroism, “as delivered truthfully, humourously and lovingly by G.E.M. Munro”, to be truly “gripping, revealing, touching and inspiring”, immediately schedule an appointment with a cardiologist: your own heart may be dead.

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Gem Munro’s previous book is ‘By the Skin of the Teeth’.

What others are saying:

I found this book amazing and couldn’t put it down. I salute the author and his family for their dedication and service to these poor children and their mothers.
Enlisting and training uneducated mothers and making them the vehicle to teach others is almost unbelievable. However, it is happening, and that is what makes the story about this project so fascinating. – Wilfrid Wilkinson, Past President, Rotary International

Gem’s book will make you laugh and cry at the same time. In your hands, you are holding a heart-rending account of a courageous family in the depths of the world’s worst slums making changes that everyone said were impossible. If you want to be uplifted, read this book. – Michael Maloney, award winning, best-selling author of Teach Your Children Well

This is a book of possibility. It woke me up – I think it was the cracking of my heart that did it – and took me right into the lives of some of the world’s poorest mothers and children. To my surprise, it’s funny too. Munro’s intimate writing shines a warm light onto each one of his subjects so you can hear her voice and spirit and great potential. The best of human nature resonates on these pages, as the Munro family’s schools beat the odds and provide hope in supposedly hopeless situations. – Jill Varley, Regional Director, Status of Women Canada

I believe that if you haven’t walked the streets, you can’t really understand. I have worked in the slums of Santo Domingo, but those experiences had not prepared me for what I read. I could go on for pages, but suffice to say that the world needs many, many more with the kind of commitment shown in this book, because that is how the world is going to change. – Douglas Crowe, International Aid Consultant

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. To teach one is our humane duty. To teach one to teach others is to achieve unasked for grace. Multiply that, as the Munro family has done, manna falls on Bangladesh. Read this book at bedsides, boardrooms and charitable brunches. – Dirk McLean, best-selling author

The book made me laugh, and made me shed a tear or two. One can really appreciate the hope and synergy provided by the miracle of teaching a child. Please send me six more books. – Elizabeth Honoridez-Legget, Toronto

The encounters with people in the book are so real and so natural in their nature, it’s a heart warming window into how happiness is a choice. – Ihor Zalubniak, Pitt Meadows

The book paints a picture of hopelessness and hope, of enormous challenge and commitment. Thank you for making our tattered and torn world a better place. – Marilyn Pachal, Yorkton

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