Does Our Method Work?

We are a results-oriented charity seeking to effect long-term, practical outcomes by the most direct means. We abhor poverty, ignorance and extremism and seek to make inroads against them as quickly as possible. Our ‘Mothers of Intention’ schools build on the fact that mothers are already central to their families and to their children’s lives. By educating them – and teaching them how to teach their children, they open windows of opportunity otherwise closed to their children. These mothers also teach neighbourhood children every single day (along with their own children), not only expanding the benefit of their new educational capacities, but putting them in a central position in their own neighbourhoods.

Mothers tell us that, for the first time, their chaotic lives are making sense to them. For the first time, they feel that they are in a state of progress, rather than only scrabbling to feed their family day after day. When they come to school every day learning more than they did the day before – that’s a state of progress.

These mothers also claim to command much greater respect now than before – from neighbours, from husbands, from others in their lives – they are becoming truly empowered. See the changes these mothers have experienced below:

Here is a letter sent from one of our students to mothers attending our other schools. Please note that this woman was so completely illiterate, she didn’t know how to hold a pencil when she first came to our school a year earlier.

“My dear sisters,
How are you. I am fine. This school come loand of Canned [land of Canada]. I dont know english spellen. This school come 1 ½ year. This school come bangla and english teach becase dont know english. I teach my children. I need woark. We teach our babays [babies]. We want help. We want happy life. We learned. You learned. I like school. We do very fine. We some times eat.

My dear sisters, good by. Thank you. Be happy”.

Further Proof

Click here or watch below to see a short video of one of our schools in operation, “Learning to Spell Gun”.

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