The Kiss of Death

Through no fault of her own, this loving mother is the kiss of death to her little boys’ intellectual development.

She collects garbage to eke out an income of less than a dollar a day. If her state remains as it is, she will never afford to send her boys to school.

She’ll have to continue to take them around with her, garbage picking, and her own intellectual limitations – ignorance, illiteracy, underdeveloped capacity for reasoning and logic – will seriously stunt their potential.

School will probably always remain beyond their reach.

But she could become their teacher – become their greatest asset, instead of another in a long line of impediments. With your help and Amarok Society’s instruction, she could become the miraclulous agent of their redemption.

A little boy turns a styrofoam form into his car as his mother and sister pick through rubble for anything of tiny value.

This incipient ingenuity and creativity is unlikely to be cultivated in his present situation, and his potential will be frustrated.

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