The Only Path to Peace

Battling Ignorance Behind Enemy Lines

Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nigeria are countries riven by extremism, intolerance and violence. That’s why Amarok Society is operating in each of them. It’s no coincidence that these countries have enormous numbers of children unable to attend school.

Extremism Feasts on Ignorance

Amarok Society Women’s Schools, and the women within them, work in the very heart of the problem to educate the ignorant and desperate people on whom extremists rely for their support; without that support, extremists are weakened beyond any possibility of success.

Education is the path to peace… the ONLY path to peace.

The educated, reasoning mind is moderated, is accessible to the love that’s natural in undistorted humanity, and is unavailable to the irrational lies and perversions of the extremists.

Our Approach

Through its Mothers of Intention projects, Amarok Society works with local, partner NGOs (non-governmental organizations) to deliver education initiatives of its own design to the very poor as the foundation upon which poverty alleviation and all other social improvements may be achieved.
Amarok Society mothers in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nigeria, the bravest women you’ve never known, wage peace every day, battling ignorance behind enemy lines.

A young boy as a beast of burden (below): There is no need for powered cranes or hoists where an uneducated child’s living energies are valued much less than dead fossil fuels. A boy such as this, ignorant and hopeless, is easy picking for recruitment by extremists.

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